Say Cheese at Woerden

When and Where

When and Where

Where:       Every Saturday from 22th April up to 19th August 2017.  
                    including Special market 3th of june

Time:          11.00-13.00 

Location:    Kerkplein, Woerden Centre (near Utrecht)

Discover the world of cheese, at the Woerden Cheese Market

Come and experience how cheese used to be traded, weighed and carried, every week.  This authentic cheese market opens at 10.45 am to the sound of the “cheese bell”.  You can try the cheeses; join in with the role play of simply wonderful enjoyment of this experience in the Kerkplein, Church Square.  The cheese is brought to the market by tractor.  You can see at the market how the cheese is extensively tested.  Then the traders and farmers start their trading with their famous “hand clap”.  You can drill cheese and taste it and have a chat with the farmers and dealers.  The procedure is explained by the ring master.

3th June – Grass Cheese Day – Cheese Festival in Woerden!

The first keg of herring, the first asparagus, the first Beaujolais …………..

Woerden has the action for the first grass cheese.  This cheese is produced from milk from cows that after the long winter go outside for the first time and eat grass. You really need to try this cheese! Cheese tasting on “Graskaasdag” is a big feast in Woerden.

Special Edition – Historial Cheese Market – 19th August

Once a year at the time of the Woerden holiday week a special cheese market is held in Woerden with a lot more activities around the cheese theme.  On this day, the cheeses are brought to the market by people in costume with horses and carts.

The Woerden cheese song is sung as the market opens under the guidance of the local harmony.  After the trading the farmers and traders have a “tug of war” match.