Say Cheese at Hoorn

Museums and Sights

Museums and Sights

What to do in Hoorn as well as visiting the cheese museum.  There are several museums in Hoorn which you can visit such as the twentieth century museum, the Westfries museum or experience the special “Musem Stoomtram”.

Twentieth Century Museum

This museum tells of the many dozens of objects and interiors how life was in the past century.  How did the children play with – what shops were there?  How did people cook?  What did people do in their free time?  What was there on radio or TV?  In this lovely nostalgic museum you get all the answers.

Westfries Museum

A wonderful experience, a journey back in time!  Step into the museum steam tram between Hoorn and Medemblik (and vice versa).  Experience the train journey, how it was before – in beautiful teak steam carriages pulled by a coal fuelled steam locomotive.  

Steam Tram MuseumThen you can make a boat trip between Medemblik and Enkhuizen and finally with a contemporary train back to Hoorn so that the historical triangle is complete.  Look for current departure times, stopping points and more information on the “Museumstroomtram Hoorn – Medemblik” website.