Say Cheese at Gouda

When and Where

When and Where

Where:      Every Thursday from 6th April until 31th August 2017
                  No cheese market on April 27th and May 25th 2017
Time:        10.00am-13.00pm
Location: The Market, Gouda Centre

Gouda cheese is one of the most famous cheeses in the world.

Gouda Cheese Market takes place in front of the “Goudse Waag” and is a spectacle to be seen.  You can see how cheese was handled, weighed and transported in earlier times.  There is also a normal market and craft market around the cheese market.  

On Gouda Cheese Market – traders and farmers negotiate the price by the “hand clap” method.  You can see how the cheese is extensively tested.  
Then the cheese which is sold is taken to the Gouda weighing scales by a horse drawn “Kaasbrik” to be weighed.  

Gouda Cheese Market is surrounded by the weekly market and stalls with craft work where you can see how they used to make clogs, buttermilk and candles.  

The cheese market is perfect for a day out with the children.  Entrance is free.  Gouda Cheese Market exists since 1198.  After your cheese market visit you can wander around Gouda’s atmospheric town centre, shopping or visiting some of the many restaurants, cafes and museums.