Say Cheese at Gouda

​Museums and Sights

​Museums and Sights

What to do in Gouda aside from our visit to the cheese market?
There are lots of things to do. 
You can visit one of the museums for example The Gouda “Waag”, Museum Gouda or the Resistance Museum.

The Gouda “Waag”

In the Gouda “Waag” Museum you can familiarise yourself with old crafts and the history of Gouda cheese.  The “Waag” or weighing house is a monument from 1668 and is one of the most important historical buildings in the town of Gouda.  For centuries long is the “Waag” the centre of cheese trading in Gouda and its surrounding areas.  The world renowned Gouda cheese is weighted here.  In the Cheese and Crafts Museum you will be told about the history of the building, the craft of Gouda and the creation of this well-known cheese.  The museum is a lovely outing with regular demonstrations of cheese making “cheese dipping”, plateel painting, making pipes and ceramic manufacturing.  There is also a museum shop where cheese, craft products and souvenirs are sold.  Check for opening hours on the website “The Gouda Waag”.

Museum Gouda

The Gouda Museum located in a centuries old street, specialises in religious art from the sixteenth century “Haage School” from the nineteenth century and Gouda Plateel from the twentieth century.

In the Gouda Museum the history of Gouda comes to life with centuries old altar pieces which survived the “Beelden Storm” (iconoclasm) with design drawings for the Gouda Glass and with shutter pieces from the seventeenth century.  There you will see Erasmus who grew up in Gouda and Dirck Crabeth who worked under the command of William of Orange and Philip II.

You will stand face to face with paintings by Dauwbigny, Redon, Fantin-Latour, Weissenbruch and Tholen.  In the Gouda Museum you can book a guided tour or make a visit to the museum shop or café.  Look for more information on opening times on the Museum Gouda website.

The Resistance Museum – South Holland

The Resistance Museum is all about Human Rights violations in the Second World War and to the present day.  The Gouda Resistance Museum is a place where the visitor is impressed by the importance of people’s rights.  In the massive exhibition, the visitor can see objects, photos and documents, and with the help of podcatchers can hear how these people’s right in the Second World War were violated by the Nazis. You will also see how this still is, even in current times.  

There is a museum shop and you can buy an audio tour with a route through Gouda and stories about the lives of civilians during the occupation.  Look for more information about opening times on the Verzetsmuseum Zuid Holland website.