Say Cheese at Edam

When and where

When and where

When:         Every Wednesday from 5th July, up to and including 23th August 2017
                    Once a year – an evening market is held on saterday 12th August.

Time:          10.30 to 12.30. Evening cheesemarket: 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr.
Location:   Jan Nieuwenhuizen Square, Edam centre


Edam cheese market is an atmospheric and conversational cheese market in the historical centre of Edam.
The cheese is brought to the market on boats – to music played from the cheese chapel.
You are able to see how cheese was handled, weighed and carried – in times gone by.

Every week Edam cheese market is opened to the chiming of a bell, and closed by a special guest.
After the delivery and unloading – the cheese is taken to the cheese market by the cheese carriers.
Negotiations between traders and farmers are done by the ‘hand clap’ method.
You can see how the cheeses are extensively tested.
The cheeses are then brought to the ‘Waag’ by cheese carriers on (berries) barrows.
At the end of the process the cheeses are taken to the cheese store by horse and wagon.
A speaker provides a clear explanation of what is happening at the market.

Entrance to Edam cheese market is free, and there is a lot of seating available.
The market exists since 1680.

Edam cheese and souvenirs

There is a stall with traditional cheese souvenirs and in the area around the market – Edam cheese can be tasted and bought.
The Edam cheese is the convex cheese which is exported all over the world.
The cheese market is very entertaining for a day out with the children.


After your visit to the cheese market, you can wander in the historical centre of Edam – which has a lot of monumental houses, churches and squares – or – you can shop, or make a visit to a restaurant, cafe or museum.Naturally – you can also visit the harbour of nearby Volendam.