Say Cheese at Alkmaar

​When and where

​When and where

Where:         Every Friday from 29th Marz until 29th September 2017
                     Evening cheesemarkets Thuseday: May 2nd, May 23rd, June 6th,
                     July 4th, July 18th, August 1st, August 15th and August, 29th 2017 

Time:           Friday, 10:00 - 13:00 hrs. Thuseday evening 19:00 - 21:00 hrs.
Location:    Waagplein, Alkmaar centre

30.000 kilo of cheese!

The cheese market is a spectacle well worth seeing. The entire square lies full with thousand of Gouda Cheeses.
You are able to see how the cheeses were handled, weighed and transported in earlier times. Every week the cheese market is opened to the peels of the bells, in the tradition by the servant of the guild and often in the presence of a special guest. There is also a craft fair taking place around the cheese market.


Market traders and farmers negotiate the cheese price through the cheese bargaining method of clapping hands.
You can see how the cheese is extensively tested and are placed on carts. The cheese carriers run towards the huge ancient scales in the Waagtoren (Weighing House).
This is where the cheese is weighed by the ´tasman´ (purse man) under the watchful eye of the ‘Waagmeester’ (Weighing master)
After 11:00 you can take a look at the enormous scales and let yourself be weighed on the centuries old scales.
The cheese market is also great for a day out with the kids.

Entrance to the Alkmaar Cheese market is free. Alkmaar Cheese market is the biggest cheese market in the world and exists from well before the middle ages. After your visit to the cheese market, it is lovely to go into the city centre of Alkmaar. For a walk, look at the shops or a visit to one of the many restaurants, cafes and museums.Look on the map for parking garages in areas in the surrounds of Alkmaar.