Say Cheese at Alkmaar




What to do in Alkmaar besides a visit to the Cheese market.
You can visit one of Alkmaar´s museums such as the Dutch cheese museum, the city museum, the Beatles museum or the National Beer museum.

The Dutch Cheese Museum

In the recently refurbished Dutch Cheese Museum, you are led step by step from cow to cheese. You see in easy steps what is involved in every phase of the process. Through modern techniques and films you will learn in an entertaining way everything about the cheese making process. You will find the museum in the ´Waaggebouw´, where your museum visit and your visit to the cheese market is a perfect combination. Look for more information and opening times on the ´Kaasmuseum´ website.

Alkmaar City Museum

The city museum in Alkmaar is the memory of the city of Alkmaar and is the meeting point for all who wish to discover the history and art of Alkmaar and surrounding area. In the recently modernized museum - the town’s history is presented through changing and interactive presentations. The impressive collections of classic art, silver, the Bergen School, and old fashioned toys make this museum very interesting to a broad public.
In the museum there is also an atmospheric cultural cafe and an extensive museum shop. The museum can be found in the centre of Alkmaar on Canada Square.
Look for current exhibitions and opening hours on the ´Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar´ website.

Beatles Museum

Crazy about the Beatles? Then don´t miss out on a visit to this museum. It´s all about the Beatles. It is in city centre of Alkmaar because it was there that John Lennon´s first guitar was made. The presentations in the museum are the joint work of two Beatles fans. The real masterpiece of the museum is the original record contract which the Beatles signed in 1967.
Look for more information on the Beatles museum website.

National Beer museum ‘De Boom’

Beer is for a few thousand years – the most popular alcoholic  drink in many countries – but – how is it brewed ? What is malt and why is yeast so important? The Boom Beer Museum explains everything – the tools, apparatus and machines - with which, for the past 200 years ‘Het Gouden Nat’ is brewed. Antique transportation – such as pushcarts and donkeys – demonstrates how transportation of the kegs took place. Posters and other advertising material such as beer bottles and beer glasses give an impression of the many small and large Dutch breweries.
The museum is located in the famous building of the ‘De Boom’ brewery, close to the famous cheese market, and exists since 1987. Would you like to sample a beer? Would you like to sample a beer? After your museum visit – you can try a beer in the ‘Proeflokaal De Boom’ , under the museum. Look for more information on the Biermuseum website.